Funding: Private Rates

At Evan Moore Solicitors we represent both Legal Aid (public funding) clients and privately funded clients when Legal Aid is not available. No matter how your case is funded our pledge to you is that you will receive the same level of service and advice. 

Police Station:
Police station Attendances £400-600 + Disbursements (depends on locality of Police Station)
Magistrates Court
Guilty Pleas From £400 per attendance
Summary Trials From £1500
Either-Way Trials From £2000
Each Additional Day From £250 per day
Crown Court
Magistrates Court Appeals against Conviction and/or sentence From £2500
Trials Please call the office
Court of Appeal Please call the office

All rates are exclusive of VAT. Please note that although we endeavour of trying to keep to our fixed fee arrangement there maybe unforeseen costs that may have to incurred such as instructing an expert or additional statements being served etc in these circumstances we reserve the right to increase our costs to cover for such circumstances. However, we will be transparent all the way and will do our best to set out what work will be undertaken from the outset. However, any additional work required outside the arrangement will be subject to charge variation. It is also important to note that in the event of an acquittal you will be entitled to recover some of your costs through central funds. However, this is subject to the court granting a defence costs order and you will only be able to recover up to a maximum of 20 -30 per cent of your private fee. In the event of an acquittal we will apply for a costs order and make an application on your behalf from central funds.

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*Out of hours Police Station attendance number