Road Traffic Offences

Your Driving Licence matters 

Road Traffic Offences

At Evan Moore Solicitors, we understand the value of your driving licence. Losing your licence can be a life changing experience. It could mean risking your job, your freedom and more importantly your home. Furthermore, it will lead to increased insurance premiums.

Our traffic experts specialise in a number of Road Traffic Offences including:

Death by Dangerous Driving, Dangerous driving, Driving without due care and attention, Drug driving offences, Alcohol related driving offences, Driving without insurance, MOT, or on a provisional licence, Careless or dangerous driving (including death by dangerous driving), Driving whilst Disqualified, Speeding Offences, Trucks and heavy vehicles

Trying to save your driving licence can also be a very costly affair when it comes to legal fees. Our Specialist Road Traffic Solicitors have years of experience fighting on behalf of people charged with traffic offences persuading the court not to disqualify or keeping disqualification to a minimum.

Furthermore, we have a proven track record of achieving excellent results for our clients whether that maybe a review of the charge for a lesser charge, reduced disqualification/sentence or acquittal.

Our competitive fixed fee arrangement allows you to benefit from our expertise whilst keeping in control of your costs. No case is too big or small for our team of expert so whether you’ve been caught drink/drug driving, driving whilst disqualified, or been charged with careless or dangerous driving WE CAN HELP.

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