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Youth Crime

A child charged with a criminal offence is every parents’ nightmare. Navigating through the criminal justice system without legal help whether that be at the police station or at the Youth Court is not only highly stressful but a complicated process.

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Youth Crime

At Evan Moore Solicitors we understand that sometimes mistakes are made by a child and its every parent desire to give their child the best possible chance of a good start in life. To address this, we have a dedicated Youth Court Team that will help parent and child through every step of the way involved in the criminal justice system whether that be at the police station or at court.

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Our legal teams aim is to divert a child away from the criminal justice system by trying to resolve the matter at the earliest stage opportunity whether that be to have the charges reduced or disposed without a criminal conviction. We offer free representation at the police station and its likely that your child will qualify for legal aid.

If you, a friend, a family member or loved one has been arrested call us on 0208 0900 806.

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