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Private Funding

Not everyone will qualify for legal aid either because they do not meet the legal aid agency eligibility criteria or simply because they want private representation for several personal reasons.

Whatever the reason we are here to help from the outset and to ensure an affordable competitive package that won’t put a hole in your pocket. Each package is tailored designed to suit the needs of your case. we provide services in a method that is affordable.

Funding Options

Fixed Fee Arrangement – Under this arrangement we will set out the work undertaken that will ensure that your case is completed within the fixed fee arrangement. It will not only give you a peace of mind that costs won’t spiral out of control but you also benefit from engaging and getting help from our most experienced solicitor from the outset

For more information please visit our Private fees Section which breaks down the costs.

Structured Fee arrangement – It’s inevitable that no two cases are the same and as such different types of work or experts are required to achieve certain results. Under this arrangement we will arrange our billing around your case needs. Again, this arrangement ensures that not only your case needs are met but

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